The Abandoned Garden Centre

It was getting late as we hit fifteen mile’s, we’d had a few beers so were full of smiles. We trudged down the cut on stony ground, till we came across a high fence with brambles we found. We slid down a track with houses looking down, we were on the edge of a well-to-do town. We soon realised that this place was abandoned, we didn’t know why the place had become it just happened. We crouched down through the opening then threw our heavy packs in-side, making sure that this place was a good place to hide. We saw overgrown poly-tunnels and buildings in a right wreck, this had to be the place as it was getting too late to trek. As we passed through the remains of the garden centre office, we came upon a haven like an overgrown coppice. Perfect for our tents was this hidden Eden, despite the dead mole the hard ground he’d been heav’in. A great first night’s sleep despite the chunks of cement, up we packed with the dew that was just meant.